A Flameless Look at Light-

Greetings from Pandemania, a place where tests—of will, nerves, friendships, partnerships and other ships—are administered on a daily basis, with no written excuses to be had. We wonder whether Pandemania will morph into a constant state—the “new normal.” With these thoughts nibbling at the mind, it makes sense to take a break, spend the day […]

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A Good Idea: Summer Scents to Enhance Your Indoor Environment

Greetings from semi-quarantine, a space for carefully savoring the pleasure of each-other’s company, and reaching out for new sensory experience to paper over our lost sense of touch—well, I’m not sure how to paper over a sense; nonetheless, the pandemic and its discontents certainly can make one feel “papered over.” However, common experience tells us […]

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Interview: Out of the Darkness and Into the Light

Jonalyn Williams is a dedicated non-profit leader who graciously shares her story of how candles helped her reconnect to a life of joy and optimism.

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Art Discovery Lamps

Used to be, you’d mark the passage of hours by how far a candle had burned down. But how about the minutes? How about a candle that marked off the passing of a therapist’s 50-minute session? Challenge for Industrial Designer! That’s me. Key was designing a candle so shallow that the melt pool reaches all […]

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That’s me, sitting in our Rosendale store’s front window. What could be more enjoyable than sitting there, waving at passers by, as I make candles! I call it my “Foundry” because I like to think of myself as using heat and tools to forge useful items, in my case not horseshoes but candles. When it […]

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Short blog and an original mandala

Greetings from pandemonium, a world without edges or hooks to hang your hat on. As one longs for boundaries that will stay put, it makes sense to create a few with the tools at hand. Here below is my rendition of an orderly, geometric mindscape. But look closely and you’ll find that no two segments […]

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More Rocks, or Please Pass the Evaporated Remnants of the Ancient Tethys Sea

Welcome to Pandemia, a geographic area encompassing the total landmass of present-day Planet Earth. Excluding Antarctica, we think. The people of Pandemia consume a substance known as “News.” Such substance, regularly consumed, can generate not only physical distress, but also a large dose of existential unease. The means to relieve such stress may be limited, […]

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