A Flameless Look at Light-

Greetings from Pandemania, a place where tests—of will, nerves, friendships, partnerships and other ships—are administered on a daily basis, with no written excuses to be had. We wonder whether Pandemania will morph into a constant state—the “new normal.” With these thoughts nibbling at the mind, it makes sense to take a break, spend the day binge-watching, have a pillow-fight, eat a whole cake, and then collapse. Or how about collapsing first, then taking a second look at the parade of compulsions and desires that have hijacked your consciousness–and rationally deciding to engage in them anyway? 

It goes without saying that as social beings we hunger for the physical presence of our loved ones, a connection we can’t truly experience on a computer screen; it has been said elsewhere that “virtual reality” is neither virtual or reality. So for now (a span of seemingly endless time), the Mad Scientist and I continue to make candles and also not make them if pandemic inertia pays an unwanted visit. Everyone needs light, even if an open flame is not an option. To that end, I offer the first of a line decorated, flameless candles, see pic.

Wishing you love and light, Wilda

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