A Flameless Look at Light-

Greetings from Pandemania, a place where tests—of will, nerves, friendships, partnerships and other ships—are administered on a daily basis, with no written excuses to be had. We wonder whether Pandemania will morph into a constant state—the “new normal.” With these thoughts nibbling at the mind, it makes sense to take a break, spend the day […]

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Short blog and an original mandala

Greetings from pandemonium, a world without edges or hooks to hang your hat on. As one longs for boundaries that will stay put, it makes sense to create a few with the tools at hand. Here below is my rendition of an orderly, geometric mindscape. But look closely and you’ll find that no two segments […]

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More Rocks, or Please Pass the Evaporated Remnants of the Ancient Tethys Sea

Welcome to Pandemia, a geographic area encompassing the total landmass of present-day Planet Earth. Excluding Antarctica, we think. The people of Pandemia consume a substance known as “News.” Such substance, regularly consumed, can generate not only physical distress, but also a large dose of existential unease. The means to relieve such stress may be limited, […]

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A Good Idea: Summer Scents to Enhance Your Indoor Environment

Greetings from semi-quarantine, a space for carefully savoring the pleasure of each-other’s company, and reaching out for new sensory experience to paper over our lost sense of touch—well, I’m not sure how to paper over a sense; nonetheless, the pandemic and its discontents certainly can make one feel “papered over.” However, common experience tells us […]

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In Praise of our Senses

Candle-Maker’s Diary Week 13 Greetings from semi-quarantine, a space that is gingerly starting to shrink as we begin to crawl out of lockdown– a good time to stick one’s head out the door, emerging into the summer air to inhale the bready aroma from the Alternative Baker’s shop, feel the breeze tickle your skin, and […]

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A Box of Rocks

Candlemaker’s Diary Week 12 Greetings from semi-quarantine, a borderless mental landscape, or “picnic area” as the Mad Scientist would have it. We try to add features to this blank terrain by creating project deadlines for ourselves, telling each other about them, and then not doing them. One of the things your writer is not doing […]

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