That’s me, sitting in our Rosendale store’s front window. What could be more enjoyable than sitting there, waving at passers by, as I make candles! I call it my “Foundry” because I like to think of myself as using heat and tools to forge useful items, in my case not horseshoes but candles.

When it comes to candles, I’m an old timer. I still think of candles as something you light for how they’ll look, not for how they’ll smell. I leave that to my wife Wilda. I’m more interested in working with the materials–wax and wicks–almost like an industrial designer. What can I make a candle do that candles haven’t done before?

I’ve always been a hobbyist first, a worker at a job second. Usually my jobs followed from my hobbies–graphics, writing, webdesign. Now candlemaking. If you can call that a job. No, really it’s still a hobby. I enjoy mixing up design with craft and ingenuity as the wax moves me.

In this blog I plan to mix up references to videos I’ve posted on Youtube with notes about the candles I make.

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