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It’s Beautiful, I Love it, but is it Real? An Open-Ended Question

Candle-Maker’s Diary Week 9

Greetings from semi-quarantine, a time to re-think, re-make, and mop the floors. Here in brick-and-mortar-land we are slumping toward midsummer with temperatures climbing and loose ends begging to be tied up. In that vein have been thinking the unthinkable and researching same, all for the purpose of finding a proper medium to showcase my Mandala designs. The results will not be “natural” in the commercial sense. 

To digress: I am not square with the word “natural” though it has a lot of clout, both for buyers and sellers. Just think of the word, and associations come cascading in under the radar, speaking of things we long for and wish to identify with. Marketers know this and consumers have made it their own as well. So what is “natural”, actually? In areas of candle and soap-making, my research suggests that few “natural” candles—with the exception of pure beeswax—are, in fact, natural. Additives (proprietary, of course) are needed to create a well behaved substance that burns cleanly, accepts dyes, and holds its scent. 

Thus, with soaring summer temperatures, and sagging candle sales, I have decided to create a line of flameless “luminaria candles” decorated with my Mandalas. They will be in sets of three, either round or cubic, with perhaps six designs to choose from, see pic. 

Watch for them on our website as summer wears on.

Wishing you love and light, Wilda

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