More Rocks, or Please Pass the Evaporated Remnants of the Ancient Tethys Sea

Welcome to Pandemia, a geographic area encompassing the total landmass of present-day Planet Earth. Excluding Antarctica, we think. The people of Pandemia consume a substance known as “News.” Such substance, regularly consumed, can generate not only physical distress, but also a large dose of existential unease. The means to relieve such stress may be limited, but we do have our five senses to enhance the experience of life around us.  Leaving candles aside for the moment, let’s consider taste as a source well-being. Salt, for instance.

In July 24’s blog we asked this hypothetical question “If the Alternative Baker made a loaf with five vitamins and took out three, would you buy it?” Well, the same logic applies to humble salt, the additive flavor that ties all others together. Commercial table salt is a manufactured substance, the end-product of a refining process that extracts eight trace minerals and puts back two: Supermarket “Sea Salt” is also a highly processed product, ensuring pour-ability and shelf life. On the other hand, Himalayan Sea Salt is mined from a seam of salt beds left by a dried-up sea fifty million years ago, which ended up a mile high as the Himalayas were formed. It has been mined through the centuries for medicine, food preservation, and cooking. Like a time capsule, this multi-colored salt preserves the elements present in that ancient ocean. And it tastes wonderfully complex. We currently supply it at the Main Street shop in bags, shakers, and as bath salts.

Wishing you love, light, and salt, Wilda

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