Scents, Sense, And Fragrance, Week 5

Greetings from quarantine, a time for reflection and well, more reflection. I am beginning to think that taking time off from the tyranny of a 24/7 news cycle is a good thing. Of course one can just flip the button and turn off the box, et cetera– yes, we (singular) know all that, but somehow […]

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Candles and drinks

The Candle-Maker’s Diary, Week 5

Greetings from quarantine again—a time for contemplation, reflection, and noticing those things that suddenly become valuable in their absence. As a “non-essential” business, Rosendale Waxworks will likely be one of the last venues to open its doors. In the meantime we are doing what must be done to stake a place in cyberspace: designing a […]

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Basil scented candle

Scents, Sense, and Fragrance Week 4

Greetings from quarantine, a time for reflection and more—re-tooling, working to import all our hand-made lines onto our website—a work in progress where “coming soon” is the operative phrase. My candles are currently posing for their web portraits by in-house photographer—me.  So, to scents. Last week’s Candle of the Week featured ‘Sod and Soul’, a […]

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Ivory Sphere Candle

The Candle-Maker’s Diary, Week 4

When Shaun and I first fell in love with candle-making it was a love of borderless dimension, involving every aspect of the craft from materials to history to presentation. Though it’s wonderful to remember the early days of our obsession, I should note as well that the path from conception to execution is littered with […]

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Sod and Soul Candle

Scents, Sense, and Fragrance Week 3

Welcome to Friday’s blogette #3, featuring fragrance, scent, and smell as applied to candlemaking, along with a back-story (all right, digression) about  the early life of a “Super Taster” -–me. As a child I experienced the taste of cabbages and root veggies as mouthfuls of iron filings, though I had never actually tasted iron filings, […]

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Bees wax candles

The Candle-Maker’s Diary, Week 3

Greetings from quarantine–a space for reflection, rest, and more reflection. In last week’s blogette I said we would be discussing containers and wicks. However, describing–never mind reflecting on–containers can be accomplished in a few lines (actually, a lot more):  With the exception of special-use candles like chakra or meditation candles, “container candles” are scented candles. […]

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