Scent wheel

Scents, Sense, and Fragrance, Week 2

To candle-fanciers and those who love them: welcome to ‘Scents, Sense, and Fragrance’, second of many. Last week I promised to describe my six “Comfort Zone” scents one by one, but I think a little digression (read: first cousin to procrastination) is in order. Fragrances used in cosmetics, perfumes, and household goods are products of […]

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Candle in a bowl

The Candle-Maker’s Diary, Week 2

Greetings from quarantine–a space for reflection, rest, and more reflection.. We’ve already noted in last week’s blogette that fire has fascinated us humans since we learned to create it. Well, we didn’t actually create “it”. Fire is not an”it”, but a process. A burning candle is a very efficient combustion machine which combines fuel (wax) with oxygen in […]

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Candle making supplies

Scents, Sense, and Fragrance, Week 1

To candle-lovers and friends, welcome to the first edition of ‘Scents, Sense, and Fragrance’, a “blogette” devoted to that stepchild of our senses: smell! Though you may not consciously notice it, everything and everybody around us has a scent, whether manufactured or natural. In our culture we make every effort to erase our own and […]

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Black and white candles

The Candle-Maker’s Diary, Week 1

Welcome to the Candlemaker’s Diary, where I will talk about candles, candle- making, and other things that might cross my mind during this time of quarantine.  Firstly–about candles and the invitation to settle the chattering mind: In my life I have encountered a few works of art that have reached out and invited me into […]

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