Resting in Pieces, or This Column is a Comfort Zone

To all candle-fanciers and those who love them: welcome to my corner of the Rosendale Waxworks Gazette, where sociability is encouraged and comfort is definitely on the menu. As our friends and guests may recall, we put out a weekly “Free Soap Friday” during the months of total lockdown, also adding candles to provide light and comfort as the grey and boring downtime wore on. We were happy to share our “oldies but goodies” with the community—and receive your anonymous thanks in return! 

Now it seems that the quarantine envelope has become a bit unglued here in Rosendale since Stage Three has gone into effect. So, in a spirit of relief and delight, we have decided to open our store to customers on weekends from 11:00 to 6:00. Easy guidelines: two at a time, masks, and let us do the handling for you.  And, as an added bonus, we will also be semi-open on weekdays during our working hours. Knock or shout if you see the lights on and you will be welcomed—and treated like a patron in a posh Paris Parfumerie. That is, escorted around the shop and offered a hands-free sniff of the candles/soaps that you wish to investigate. 

A crack in the door of Lockdown provides a blessed opportunity to interact with our fellow humans outside of Zoom—an opportunity we should grab since the door might well be sealed up again when the warm season subsides.  So if you’re in town on this holiday weekend, we’d be happy to welcome you to the store. In addition to our “limited edition” handmade candles, we have a wide variety of beautiful unscented candles to offer.  Take a look at our Aloha Bay Rainbow candles–perfect for celebrating our country’s birthday!


Brighten up your home or yoga workout space with the Rainbow Pillar from Aloha Bay.
It’s a beautiful decorative item that’s perfect for those who like the moods that candles set, but are sensitive to fragrance. It’s made using certified organic eco-friendly ingredients and 100 percent cotton wicks. 5″ tall, unscented, coconut wax, burn time: 40 hrs.
The Rainbow Tapers burns for up to 9 hours and is a beautiful decoration for any home or studio. 9″ tall, box of four, unscented, coconut wax, burn time: 9 hrs. each
The Rainbow Luau Light is a great gift item for a friend, loved one, or a treat for oneself.
8″ tall, 16 ounces, unscented, coconut wax, burn time: 100 hrs.

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