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Scents, Sense, and Fragrance, Week 7

Greetings from quarantine–a time for decisions, revisions, and, well, memories of wonderful times past in the Hudson Valley. A long time ago–before Lockdown—I created a series of candles to capture and hold these moments line and named them “Hudson Valley Highs.” This evolving line of beauties are presented in tubby glass-topped apothecary jars and finished with a bow of colored raffia straw, see pic.

The first aroma to emerge from the scent lab is the fragrant “Sweet Meadow.” Think of vistas of spreading fields across our valley that unfold to the hiker’s or driver’s delight, carpeted with wildflowers, succulent grass, and buzzing with insects in the lazy summer heat—or summer days stretching from now back to forever: The scent combines new-mown hay, fresh grass, and clover blossoms on a bed of damp soil. A subtle scent, not overpoweringly strong.

I believe that these vistas will be ours again to explore and enjoy in person. They have not been stolen from us. We will walk again together in sweet meadows and inhale their lovely scents.

Wishing you love and light, Wilda

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