mandala candles

It’s Beautiful, I Love it, but is it Real? An Open-Ended Question

Candle-Maker’s Diary Week 9 Greetings from semi-quarantine, a time to re-think, re-make, and mop the floors. Here in brick-and-mortar-land we are slumping toward midsummer with temperatures climbing and loose ends begging to be tied up. In that vein have been thinking the unthinkable and researching same, all for the purpose of finding a proper medium […]

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Fractals, Spirographs, and Mandalas: a Love Story

Candle-Maker’s Diary Week 8 Greetings from quarantine–a time for restoring what’s been lost, making it cleaner and better, and infusing it with new ideas. In the spirit of the times, I’ve been examining the idea of patterns as a theme for a series of black-on-white decorated candles featuring the Mandala, a shape with a long […]

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