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The Candle-Maker’s Diary, Week 5

Greetings from quarantine again—a time for contemplation, reflection, and noticing those things that suddenly become valuable in their absence. As a “non-essential” business, Rosendale Waxworks will likely be one of the last venues to open its doors. In the meantime we are doing what must be done to stake a place in cyberspace: designing a website and tweaking it so it reflects who we are and doesn’t look like it came off a conveyor belt; writing the text, photographing each item, setting up shopping page which involves downloading two or three more apps, more instructions, et cetera. Oh, and making candles.

So to candles. Shaun and I share contrasting sensibilities, his tending to experimenting and invention, mine toward the sensory, rather than intellectual, pleasures. And on that note, I was just starting a line of “foody” candles when suddenly there were no customers to enjoy a delightful sniff. However, I continue to expand the idea in my mind, if not in my lab; as everyone is surely missing the delight of delicious summer treats sliding down their throats—or in this case, up their noses. 

I started the winter season with cappuccinos made with my home-made coffee essential oil;  a couple of sundaes, chocolate and butterscotch puddings, and the must-have mug of hot chocolate, all expressed in coconut wax, heady scents, and cute little mugs, see pic. For summer I envision trays of pastel-colored sherbets in a bouquet of flavors: orange, mango, raspberry, peach, maybe rose? Whether offered in person or online, I can’t wait to get started with them. If you have any ideas for additional flavors, please drop me a line at

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